wedding favor jars — or not!

On a recent trip to Michael’s, I had a 50% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket… you crafters and coupon people know what I mean! so I wanted to find a really good item (even if I didn’t need it) to save big bucks on. I can’t say I’ve ever browsed the wedding favor section in Michael’s before, but as I walked by, I did a double-take on these adorable little glass jars.

I immediately started trying to figure out what I needed them for. I decided that they would look so cute on a shelf filled with my many colors of jump rings. The box of 20 was $19.99 so at $1/jar — or now, $0.50 each, it was a great plan.

Once I separated the jump rings by color and filled the jars, I wasn’t content to let them sit on the shelf as I had planned. To make a long story short, I used some E-6000 and a super strong magnet and made magnetic jars that looked great on my wall cabinet. They can also still sit on a shelf in either a straight up position or leaning forward like a candy jar.

More Information:

SIZE: The jar size is 2.25″ tall x 1.5″ narrow side x 3.25″ width. The lid is a little over a 1.25″ diameter, so if you wanted to customize the lid, a 1.25″ circle punch would be perfect for that.

WHERE TO PURCHASE: Michael’s carry the jars, but you can also find them online ( You can find neodymium magnets under “supplies” in Etsy. My favorite store is “Sun and Moon Craft Kits” — they carry the magnets and the E-6000 (and lots of other goodies!).

HOW-TO: To make these into magnetic jars, you will need a very strong magnet. The jars weigh over 2 ounces on their own so keep that in mind when you fill them. Put some E-6000 on the side-angled indentation and apply your magnet. Make sure you prop the jar so that the magnet stays level as the adhesive dries. That’s it. Really. 🙂


on a shelf (see magnet placement)

jars hanging for display

what to look for at Michael’s (“Celebrate It” brand)


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